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BERRY Kind Of You Smoothie

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

This delicious and refreshing smoothie recipe will have you feeling energized and grateful. Luckily our VANILLA Pure Smoothie Infusers™ are as versatile as you are. Whatever your favorite flavors are, this infuser can adapt and keep up!

This Berry-Based Smoothie is adaptable, so feel free to use your favorite blend of berries, or even just one berry if you so desire. Serves just one, so make sure you duplicate it for extra friends!

BERRY Kind of You Smoothie:


1/2 cup of berry mix (we like raspberries and blackberries)

1 cup of almond milk or nut milk

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

"What are my power pod plays", you ask?

Butternut squash, cauliflower, apple, flax seed, maca, bee pollen, pea protein, nutritional yeast, banana and sprouted buckwheat!

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